Achieving Better Outcomes through an Effective Agent/Broker Onboarding Program

As we head into bid and application season, one of the common needs that comes to mind is systems. While everyone acknowledges the need for a claims or enrollment system, there are often functions throughout the organization that can benefit from the efficiency and productivity of an automated process.  One such example is agent management.

The Importance of Agent Management

Companies rely on agents to drive growth. A beneficiary’s interaction with an agent is often their first experience with your organization, so ensuring an agent is a well-informed and educated representative is crucial. However, we find in many organizations, the personnel within the sales department is focused on manual tasks relating to agent management, like filing contracts, looking up licenses, or processing appointments, rather than more strategic activities.  In addition to being time consuming, these manual processes are often more error-prone and quickly outdated than systems utilizing integrated primary-source verification and seamless processing.  Wouldn’t it be nice to utilize your current staff who is processing your agent onboarding requirements and have them work strategically to drive better outcomes with your distribution channel?  Imagine a turn-key approach to onboarding your agents, paying commissions, and overseeing your agents, all in one system and supported by the best Government Programs consulting firm in the country.

With Sentinel Elite®, the experts at Gorman Health Group work with your organization to automate onboarding, commission payment, and annual processes that capture all of the information and steps you need to run your business.  We have built-in functionality to address all aspects of agent management required by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS), including:

  • Contracting and other document completion
  • Annual Medicare training
  • Compliance and Fraud, Waste, and Abuse (FWA) training
  • Product training
  • License verification
  • Appointments
  • Monthly Office of the Inspector (OIG)/General Services Administration (GSA) checks
  • Commission payment
  • Agent oversight

Carrie Barker-Settles, Director of Sales, Marketing & Strategy for Gorman Health Group, says:

“To promote compliant behavior, health plans, sales management, agency owners, and agents should take an active approach to complaint behavior – attend additional training, understand and follow the rules and regulations outlined in the Medicare Marketing Guidelines, and always lead by example. With a system like Sentinel Elite, it allows management more control over the agent onboarding process and ensures quality talent is representing your health plan.”

Gorman Health Group also provides best-practice recommendations and functionality related to non-required functions, including:

  • Criminal background checks
  • Credit checks
  • License regulatory action reviews
  • Writing code/agent ID assignments
  • Overall “ready to sell” assignments

Best of all, all configurations and setup are performed by Gorman Health Group with no IT setup required by the organization.

Because Sentinel Elite was designed by Gorman Health Group specifically with government-managed healthcare in mind, the system is pre-configured for health plans. Gorman Health Group maintains business rules to ensure every license is appropriate for healthcare. We also have sophisticated workflows built in to accept annual Medicare training, as well as CMS Compliance and FWA training, from multiple approved sources and to register prior fulfillment of these requirements by an agent. Within a program, all actions are agent-driven, unless specifically routed to plan admins for review, such as background check results or documents the plan wants to review.

Post-implementation, Sentinel Elite provides real-time status via plan and agent dashboards. Updated license information is imported on a daily basis. Plan admins can create and run their own reports at any time.  The organization can also establish external administrators, such as at a Field Marketing Organization (FMO), to provide functionality and visibility related to a subset of agents.

The Oversight module provides a cohesive process for investigating potential agent misconduct as well as documenting proactive oversight activities and disciplinary actions. Gorman Health Group has added a commission payment module to this program that supports your paying of commissions seamless to your organization, and the Commission module will handle the most complex commission payment rules you may be offering.

Could your sales staff be spending more time on agent performance and recruitment and less time on burdensome administrative efforts? Could they be working with more and better information with less effort? We think they could, and it costs less than you think. Contact April Fleming at or Michael Fox at for more information.



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