Dems Are Winning the Argument, Losing the War

Today’s ABC News poll shows that:

  • 62 percent of those surveyed believe we need a mixture of tax hikes and spending cuts to deal with the debt, compared with only 32 percent wanting spending cuts alone.
  • By far the most popular specific measure for tackling the debt is ending the Bush tax cuts for those earning over $250,000 a year – with 72 percent support.
  • Its only near rivals are more Medicare and social security means-testing for wealthy retirees.
  • 77 percent think the GOP has been too unwilling to compromise, compared with 58 percent who say the same of Obama.

Of course, it’s a national sample.  The freshman who are driving this debate are responsive to their districts and–they will not hesitate to tell you–their conscience.  The most remarkable thing about this “debate” so far has been the willingness of this class to commit to losing their seats.  That is a mark of undeniable political courage in what has otherwise been a season of lunacy.  With 33 seats up for grabs in 2012, you had better believe the Senate does not want to get painted with the House’s brush.

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