Gearing up for 2016 — Look Ahead, Plan Ahead

As if you are not busy enough, now is the time to start looking towards both 2016 and the future, to ensure you have the correct products in your marketplace as well as determine whether it is time to either increase or decrease the size of your market. Understanding and really knowing your current membership, plus why your members enroll/disenroll, is the first step. Some of the questions that have to be answered are:

  • What does your member look like by product and where do they live?
  • What age did they purchase your product?
  • How long have they been with your organization?
  • When do members tend to disenroll and why?
  • Are there any usage patterns that are helpful in understanding benefit design opportunities?
  • Do you know how they purchased your product (online, by mail, phone or with agent)? Understanding where your dollars were spent to acquire the membership allows you to adjust and adapt during the shortened annual election period (AEP).

Do not forget to understand your service area/marketplace as a whole.

  • When was the last time you did a detailed competitive analysis?
  • Have you included a detailed network analysis?
  • Enrollment trends and product distribution by competitor?
  • Is there a possibility to have a service area expansion?

Even if you are just thinking of entering the marketplace, now is the time for forward thinking initiatives.

If you missed my webinar on September 10, that I hosted with John Gorman and Jeff Fox join the Point and you will be able to listen to “Look Ahead — Plan Ahead, Key Insights To Market Share & Growth” webinar.



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