Integration around chronic conditions, such as chronic kidney disease

Many of our clients have requested customized mapping and integration which electronically links the findings from the Advanced Evaluation into their medical management system.  Health plans and medical groups both appreciate the in-depth reporting, plus electronic connection that triggers or flags particular members for placement into unique case management programs, whether it is a COPD, CHF, frail and fall reduction, or chronic kidney disease referral.

This is an easy workflow to ensure the data is transformed from a picture in time to an integrated care support tool.
One of the diagnoses we focus on a great deal is Chronic Kidney Disease.  We have built a specific module around the clinical guideline statement from the National Kidney Foundation regarding Chronic Kidney Disease and have engaged experts to ensure our clinical analytics, detection, and evidence based findings are easily understood by the members, interact with the health plan’s platform, and are simply formatted for community physician plan of treatment development. 

Dr. Dambro, CMO and Dr. McCallum, CEO of CenseoHealth will be sharing more information about our chronic disease modules and clinical outcomes in future conferences and blogs. Stay tuned.

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