Just Desserts for the Queen of “Death Panels”

Sarah Palin’s vanity “documentary” flick “The Undefeated” tanked at the box office over the weekend . Forgive my snickering.

It’s just desserts for the woman who brought us the biggest distortion of the 2010 Presidential campaign: “death panels”. Regardless of your politics, as healthcare professionals, we should be able to agree that those two words set back the entire debate on end-of-life care by a decade — a debate we now must have given the nation’s debt burden. As a result of Palin’s demogoguery, policymakers’ are running like scalded dogs from an issue that consumes 1 in 4 Medicare dollars already, and is now the #1 item in every state budget.

Maybe Palin will forget the Presidency and will try to win the Oscar now. Calling her puff piece “The Irresponsible” or “The Unintelligible” might have sold more tickets.

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