Lack of Staff: Biggest Hurdle to Success

Staffing continues to be a major hurdle in the healthcare industry. A recent poll conducted by Gorman Health Group showed that 38% of respondents believed the biggest hurdle to success in their organization was lack of knowledgeable staff or lack of staff.

regan blog_hurdle to success
What is the meaning of success? Is it reaching financial targets? Meeting and exceeding service level agreements? Achieving high marks in customer satisfaction? Being one of the best places to work? Having a great reputation in the community? I am not sure we have seen an organization that is meeting all of these factors. Then again, those are not the organizations that typically call John Gorman for help.

Most places have an ironed-out Human Resources process that includes job description drafting, salary grading, recruitment, and interview process, which may take weeks or sometimes months. However, regulatory agencies wait for no man in terms of expecting compliance metrics to be met. As I observed my colleague tell a group of client trainees, “Your contract is with the federal government.” I can think of no finer way to articulate the commitment made to offer Medicare Advantage and Part D.

Our industry experts currently hold interim staffing positions in all areas, including risk adjustment, compliance, strategy, operations, network management, and pharmacy. While organizations search for their full-time candidate, Gorman Health Group provides experts who have done the job, can manage the department, can report to their C-suite, and much more. Do not let a temporary lack of staff hinder your success. If lack of staff is preventing you from meeting requirements, we can tell you from experience that it by no means sways the Oversight and Enforcement Group from their obligations.


Registration is open for the Gorman Health Group 2018 Forum, April 25-26, 2018, at the Red Rock Resort ideally located near the Red Rock Canyon in Las Vegas. Download our agenda here.

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Regan Pennypacker
Regan Pennypacker

Regan is Senior Vice President of Compliance Solutions at Gorman Health Group (GHG). She leads the Compliance Solutions practice, responsible for multidisciplinary projects such as Part C and Part D audits, new applications, marketing material reviews, risk assessments, and training engagements. As a member of this team, she has provided compliance direction and insight on industry best practices to many GHG clients. Regan brings GHG clients 19 years of experience in the healthcare industry. Read more

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