Medicare Shared Savings Program Circa 2014

Anyone who has paid attention knows that since 2011 more than 200 Medicare ACO’s have been operationalized. If you add in commercial ACO’s, the number is closer to 400.

Still sitting on the fence wondering if ACO’s will survive? Consider this, the underlying construct for a Medicare Shared Savings ACO is to promote accountability for care of Medicare Fee for Service (FFS) eligible beneficiaries, to improve coordination of care under Medicare Part A and B, and to encourage investment in infrastructure and redesign in care processes. Not a bad set of goals when it comes to patient care under any circumstance, right?

So why not seriously consider whether an ACO initiative is right for your organiztion?.

If you are interested in pursuing a Medicare Shared Savings ACO, the first step in that process is to file your Notice of Intent, (NOI). You can file that notice anytime between now and May 30th, 2013.Keep in mind that it is non-binding, but by doing so; you get a seat at the table. After you fill out the NOI, you will receive a confirmation notice from CMS containing your ACO ID number, which will be needed to complete the CMS user ID form required to submit an application. The due date for obtaining and submitting a User ID form is June 10th, 2013. It takes up to three weeks for CMS to process your User ID form so the form should be filed immediately after you file the NOI. In other words act early.

Once processed you can now begin to work on the actual application, which is due anytime between July 1st and July 31st, 2013.

Upon reading this blog, don’t go out and look for the application on the CMS website because you won’t find it. CMS has announced that it will post the application sometime in June of 2013. However, don’t let that deter you from beginning to pull together content for the various application components.

Having helped multiple interested organizations in successfully filing ACO apllipcations during the last two years, and actually serving on the board of a currently operational ACO, we know what CMS is looking for in respect to application content. We also know what the challenges and lessons learned are with respect to ACO implementation.

If you are interested, contact us today. We know we can help you.



Attend the 2013 GHG Forum, June 13-14, in Washington, DC and hear from key decision makers at cutting edge ACOs across the country about lessons learned during their organizations’ evolution — from conception to execution of varying ACO models.

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