Strengthen and Simplify Your Agent Onboarding and Certification Process

It’s a new year, and it may be time for some changes specifically around agent onboarding and certification. Here are the agent management trends we are currently seeing in the industry and how Gorman Health Group can make a difference for you and your organization.

Utilizing agents is a necessity to grow your business. Plans may be hesitant to increase their sales channels due to the administrative efforts required to manage a large group of agents. Depending on your current process, this may be a valid concern. What we’ve seen in the industry is a homegrown/manual process or the use of multiple vendors. In some cases, plans will utilize a combination of both to fulfill some or all of their onboarding and certification needs.

A homegrown onboarding and certification process can be very labor intensive. Most plans utilizing this type of process are still maintaining paper files on their agents. Plans will use these files to maintain contracts, copies of state licenses, proof of E&O coverage, and compensation structure, to name just a few. As we all know, maintaining paper files is not an efficient use of time and resources, and that is just one step in the process for onboarding agents. In addition to maintaining these files, plans will still have additional steps in order to compete the agent’s annual requirements. Some of these additional steps include background checks, validating or administering required trainings, and appointing agents in contracted states in order to get them ready to sell. Monitoring and completing these processes is not an easy task and requires a lot of man-hours. With any manual process, this also creates an opportunity for human error. This creates risk, and we know it is extremely important to make sure agents have met all requirements prior to selling. Having the proper checks and balances in place is essential to a compliant solution.

In addition to the homegrown process, plans utilize vendors to help assist with their onboarding and certification needs. We have seen examples of plans that have three to four unique vendors, each having a specific function. Managing the different vendor relationships on its own can be difficult. With the different vendors comes numerous sets of data that has to be transmitted between the plan and multiple systems, which presents its own set of challenges. This setup will usually result in a need to manually manipulate the reports coming from each vendor. It takes time and effort to get to a usable set of data to help you identify who is ready to sell and to have a cumulative agent file to pay commissions. Managing these different pieces of data becomes troublesome and unfortunately leads to inaccurate reporting. Inaccurate reporting will create potential for compliance issues with agents selling prior to fulfilling all of their requirements.

If any of these processes or concerns sound familiar to you, we can help! We developed Sentinel Elite™ to provide a one-stop-shop solution for agent onboarding, certification, and oversight needs. Utilizing Sentinel Elite™ will bring expert support and industry knowledge to help build your onboarding and certification programs. Our programs will help ensure your agents are efficiently completing yearly requirements and are ready to sell. By removing the manual aspect and automating processes, our system will eliminate the administrative burden you may be experiencing today. Using one system for onboarding and certification removes the need to manage multiple vendors, increases the accuracy of reporting, and streamlines the user experience. Sentinel Elite™ has built-in functionality to address all aspects of agent management required by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS), including:

  • Contracting and other document completion
  • Delivery or validation of annual Medicare core training
  • Delivery or validation of Compliance and Fraud, Waste, and Abuse (FWA) training
  • Product training
  • License verification
  • Appointments
  • Monthly Office of Inspector (OIG)/General Services Administration (GSA) checks
  • Flexible reporting module to help complete commission payments
  • Agent oversight

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Sentinel Elite™ is a flexible, module-based software solution, built from the ground up, and designed to assist government managed care organizations onboard agents, provide training, manage ongoing oversight activities, and pay commissions effectively and compliantly. Request a demo today >>

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