The survey says…

In May, GHG conducted several marketplace surveys. The initial survey highlighted our clients’ top priorities. Here is what the ranking showed as our clients’ focal points:

  1. STARS
  2. Clinical & Financial Alignment
  3. Risk Adjustment
  4. MLR monitoring

We understand that in order to emerge as leaders or at least survivors of the rate reduction and complex regulatory world we live in, health plans, health systems, ACOs, and capitated medical groups have to identify business levers that impact the greatest improvement to the bottom line. This is exactly why we created the Alignment Innovation Suite – we take your data and create a driver and alert system for an interdisciplinary team to review and discuss. The Alignment reports clearly indicate where the problems are and where we can jointly create the road map to fix them.

The new Alignment engine couples medical cost and utilization while at the same time overlays benefit and network design. The reports display the areas in the greatest need of collaboration and redesign, i.e. where to spend your time and resources to get the best bang for your buck.

In recent GHG case studies, the Alignment engine, assessment and reports clearly depict the need to 1) redesign provider payment models, 2) completely restructure health services or medical management functions and criteria to impact population health management & patient engagement , 3) operational improvements; simple changes with huge financial impacts and 4) benefit remodeling to improve patient navigation of your healthcare ecosystem.

GHG’s Alignment Solution Suite assessment is backed by industry leading health care expertise and is managed by a team of veteran consultants who will help lead your organization to better financial alignment, product design and health care efficiency. Visit our website to find out more.

Join us on August 8 to get practical advice on the best ways of getting into the MA market from GHG Chief Development Officer, Aaron Eaton, Senior Vice President of Finance, William A. MacBain, and Senior Director of Compliance Solutions, Regan Pennypacker.

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