Health Assessments, Wherever They are Needed.

CenseoHealth partners with health plans and provider groups to deliver innovative healthcare solutions to improve health and quality of life. CenseoHealth recognizes it’s critical these members in Medicare, Medicaid, and the Health Insurance Marketplace are getting the preventive care and other care management needed to improve or maintain their health. Through accurate diagnosis and documentation, health plans can appropriately finance those care initiatives.

Decreasing numbers of primary care physicians (PCPs), increasing demands placed on PCPs, and engaging disengaged or remote members are all challenges preventing health plans and provider groups from achieving their goals. Health plans and physician groups need to support their primary care network by offering members a physician-performed health assessment at home or another convenient location to provide members valuable recommendations to drive them back to their PCP.

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Why CenseoHealth

Nationwide network of
contracted physicians

A physician network of more than 5,000 licensed and credentialed physicians covers the entire United States and Puerto Rico—there’s no home out of reach.

Innovative logistics and
scheduling infrastructure

Scheduling and logistics model ensures an efficient and quality experience for both the physician and the member.

Scalable and customizable
health assessment solutions

Tailored to fit your needs, assessments can be deployed in the home, at retail locations, or in network physician offices.

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