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Gorman Health Group is very involved in the industry and our subject matter experts are always excited to participate in speaking engagements related to government health care programs. From our annual GHG Forum, to co-hosted webinars with our partner Atlantic Information Services, to other industry conferences, we deliver dozens of targeted and informative speeches annually to health plans, industry trade organizations, pharmaceutical audiences and many others.


Interested in staying informed on where and when we will be speaking? Here is a list of events that we are participating in. Check back often as we are regularly adding new events to our calendar. Want more information on inviting a Gorman Health Group subject matter expert to speak at your event?


The 10th Annual FRA Risk Adjustment Forum – May 22-23, San Diego, California

Jessica Smith, our Senior Vice President of Healthcare Analytics & Risk Adjustment Solutions joins Tom Nasadoski, Manager of Risk Adjustment at CDPHP, for a RADV survival case study on Monday, May 22. Find out how others were impacted by RADV and how to survive.


CAPG Annual Conference 2017 – June 22-24, San Diego, California

John Gorman, our Executive Chairman is to present on Medicare and Medicaid on Friday, June 24. Together, Medicaid and Medicare now cover more than 100 million Americans. If the administration repeals or substantially cuts back the ACA, what will be the impact on these vital programs—and the lives they cover? This session will analyze the potential scenarios facing the programs in the near future.