WASHINGTON – September 24, 2013. With the steady release of guidance from CMS and HHS regarding the Health Insurance Marketplaces, Gorman Health Group (GHG), the leading consulting firm and solutions provider in government health care programs, has assisted ten clients in preparation for Obamacare’s Health Insurance Marketplaces.


As a trusted leader in the government-sponsored health care space for nearly 20 years, Gorman Health Group has assisted multiple clients’ complete applications for the Federally-facilitated Marketplace. GHG has provided detailed reports outlining areas of risk while offering expert strategy and tangible workflow solutions to insurance plans of all sizes. Our expert team has supported clients in the creation of straightforward management frameworks and timelines to ensure health plans are ready for the Exchanges.


“Our deep experience in Medicare has made it easy for us to support our clients in the Marketplaces,” explained Gorman Health Group’s Chief Development Officer, Aaron Eaton. “The Exchange launch feels a lot like Part D – lots of regulations, a short runway, and a long to-do list. Clients need the right partner to stay on track and to make the most of the opportunity while avoiding significant compliance risks and exposure.”


Gorman Health Group is currently assisting health care organizations in planning and executing their Marketplace strategy through expert consulting on challenges such as sales & marketing planning, network contracting, and risk adjustment. In addition, GHG’s trusted software solutions, Valencia™ and Sales Sentinel™, are being implemented by several clients to support member data reconciliation needs and to ensure compliant agent/broker training and onboarding. GHG business services, from staff training to interim management provisions, are utilized by those clients building up their internal departments’ preparedness.


“Experience has taught us that government-sponsored health care programs are the toughest lines of business in all of health insurance,” explained Gorman Health Group’s Founder and Executive Chairman, John Gorman. “Only the organizations that are most operationally prepared and proactive can ensure compliance and a relatively smooth launch in the Marketplaces. Now is the time to set the foundation you need to thrive when the Marketplaces launch in 12 days.”