Health Policy Consulting


Understand every policy impacting your goals


Gorman Health Group has partnered with TRP Health Policy, one of Washington, DC’s, most comprehensive, competent, and effective healthcare practices, to further deliver best-in-class health policy consulting services to our clients and their partners operating in Medicare, Medicaid, and the Health Insurance Marketplace.

Paired with our exclusive daily digest, The Insider, which provides in-depth analysis and expert summaries of the most critical legislative and political activities impacting and shaping your organization and the future of Medicare, Medicaid, and the Health Insurance Marketplace. Members receive direct access to the very best industry intel on the issues that matter to ensure your organization gains real, actionable information to drive business forward.

Our main goal is to ensure our clients understand every policy impacting their specific goals and are fully prepared to respond to them.

Typical consulting services include:

  • Personalized impact analysis of all key legislative and regulatory changes impacting business
  • Strategic planning; action plans have detailed timelines allowing client to know how and when progress will be made
  • Direct Q&A consultation with our team of experts to resolve any ambiguities in policy and to get guidance on the likelihood of future changes
  • Outreach to regulatory officials and Capitol Hill staff to clarify questions or concerns client may have
  • In-depth research and memoranda and white paper authoring
  • In-person and telephone conferences to ensure understanding and identify next steps
  • Preparation of advocacy materials, including regulatory comments, one-pagers, FAQs, etc.
  • Internally facing materials to help educate your own organization’s audiences
  • Policy development and legislative drafting