Evaluation of industry trends to develop implications and recommend
strategies that will positively impact financial outcomes


GHG understands the complexities of the Medicaid population, and the numerous shifting variables that affect plan financial performance, such as state specific requirements for risk adjustment. We will analyze revenue versus medical spend, as well as build out risk adjustment analytics. Through these measures, we will identify high risk areas providing you a reliable financial road map to guide strategic planning and product development that drives improved outcomes in order to project financial results.

In most states, rates are a moving target. Oftentimes, organizations are forced to operate under assumptions instead of tangible numbers. GHG can assist with identifying the current and future costs of doing business, while building in anticipated adjustments that make sense for each population served. Understanding the health care delivery system as it relates to geography and service type is a key strength of GHG. We can maximize this ability by building internal health economic practices within your organization that focus on the day to day changes of your members.

We will position you for the challenges–and opportunities–posed by this population, designing a strategy that takes into account your service area, market environment, core competencies, and vision of the future.

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