The alphabet soup of CMS audits

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) audit practices have radically changed in recent years. Now with only days to prepare for CMS audits, organizations must become proactive in creating a culture of compliance. From a gap analysis to a comprehensive, deep-diving Part C and D audit, our team can help you minimize your compliance risk and maximize your time and resources.

Mock CMS Audits

Our team of industry veterans is ready to help your organization practice and learn the new CMS audit protocols; new universes and many more data fields, interviews via a webinar, and of course the CMS protocol documents.

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Focused Audits

Our team will conduct a detailed review of the area in question, and will provide your organization with a written report of areas of non-compliance. The report will also include recommendations to cure non-compliance identified.

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External Audit Program

GHG now offers a virtual audit program that evaluates compliance with regulations, CMS guidance and internal policies and procedures to protect against noncompliance and Fraud, Waste and Abuse.

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Compliance Program Audits

In addition to monitoring your operations and auditing the organization’s performance, CMS also audits the compliance function. In recent years many CMS sanctions have been issued as the result of a Compliance Program that was determined to be ineffective.

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