Delegation Oversight


CMS called. Do you know where your delegated entities are?


In today’s regulatory environment, it’s critical that your pharmacy benefit manager (PBM) and other delegated entities perform flawlessly.


Systematic review of your delegated entities’ operations to ensure they’re in line with your business imperatives is an important step in creating a culture of compliance – to say nothing of meeting the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) oversight requirements. We’ll assist you by auditing your delegated entity and then developing an oversight program that will give you early warning of potential issues and a framework for remediation. We can even conduct the monitoring and auditing of the delegated entities for you, and provide you with the specific findings and suggested corrections.


With GHG’s in-depth delegation oversight assessments, our experts can help your organization learn where and how to verify potential issues and identify risk – empowering your teams to ask the tough questions.


Let us help you get the answers you need.





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