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Through internal auditing and monitoring process the need for process improvements may have been identified and corrective actions put in place. How do you know if the right actions have been taken to remediate the issues found? Have measures been put in place to monitor and audit these items going forward to ensure sustainable correction? In addition to plans ferreting out their own internal deficiencies, you also have to be worried about getting “The Letter” from CMS. CMS conducts their audit and provides a list of risks and a short timeframe (ninety days) to correct the deficiencies. No time to celebrate the departure and no time for vacation now …they want the organization to start working upon discovery of any issues, before even getting a written report with the formal conditions that were found. What is the best way to rally the troops to complete the tasks at hand and feel confident asking the CEO to attest that “it will never happen again”?


GHG can lead the corrective action work plan and assist to develop and implement processes needed to evidence compliance. Easy.


Call in the reinforcements – the GHG remediation team.

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