Member Experience Services


Optimize Member Retention Strategies, Track Return on Investment


Today’s Medicare market is driven by:


  • Shifting demographics
  • Financial considerations
  • Fierce competition for members


The market demands that organizations carefully choose and strategically diversify their product portfolios, as well as strategies for selling these products, while acknowledging net growth occurs with a balance between new sales and retention.


The objective of a member experience program is to promote the careful design of proactive and reactive retention initiatives and a commitment to communication that will deliver a significant and positive impact on health plan enrollment, retention, and revenue generation.


Gorman Health Group Member Experience Services


Designed to meet a health plan’s concerns for retention and service to the member while remaining compliant, Gorman Health Group’s member experience assessment responds to the industry’s demands by breaking down barriers that hinder the member experience. Our member experience services provide strategies to enhance cultural competence, presenting opportunities for the health plan and providers to efficiently deliver healthcare services that meet the social, cultural, and linguistic needs of members.


At Gorman Health Group, we want to change the perception that member experience is the responsibility of Sales and Customer Service, instead showing organizations that member experience is a comprehensive approach with full transparency and cross-functional leadership.


Designed to meet an organization’s concerns in the following areas:


  • Retention
  • Leveraging membership satisfaction
  • Improving performance measures and risk assessment results
  • Driving revenue
  • Engaging members and building relationships


We believe senior leaders from each practice area should be assigned responsibility for the cross-functional success of member retention efforts. This sends a message to the entire organization about the importance of retention and helps to overcome roadblocks as they arise.





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