Proprietary End-to-End Technology for Medicare Member Management

Miramar – Convey’s Comprehensive Medicare Enrollment Software


Dynamic flow and highly advanced work queue features, SmartWizard utilities, automated alerts, and reconciliation capabilities combine to increase accuracy and reduce fall out rates – promoting efficiency and cost savings.


Miramar delivers compliance in Medicare plan administration, with strict adherence to CMS requirements and regulations. Securely managing member information, Miramar operates on Convey’s HITRUST Certified platforms and infrastructure – both TES and BPO.



Backed by innovative design and high levels of integration, Miramar can be combined with our Services to create a complete end-to-end solution. Designed to meet the specific challenges that you face when trying to offer your members an optimal experience, Miramar+Services provides the health plan with better quality, and a lower cost of ownership.

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Miramar:Enroll includes multi-channel intake and verification, along with full integration with CMS and real-time work queue distribution.

Miramar:Bill, along with full integration to Miramar:Enroll, enables automated adjustments associated with any member coverage changes.

Miramar:Capture enables your health plan to address processes for handling inbound mail correspondence, and aligning all associated enrollment, billing, and grievance functions.

Miramar:Resolve ensures accuracy and timeliness, with a one-screen view of all activities on a grievance which allows an auditor to capture the “story” of a grievance.

Miramar:Fulfill manages the sizable document fulfillment services associated with each step of the Medicare pre-enrollment and enrollment process.

Miramar:Connect enhances and elevates other Miramar modules with automation & streamlined processes for achieving compliant One-Call Resolution