Mock CMS Audits


It’s time for a dress rehearsal


Our highly structured mock CMS audit services are designed to replicate the latest CMS audit processes.  Our team of industry veterans is ready to help your organization practice and learn the new CMS audit protocols; new universes and many more data fields, interviews via a webinar, and of course the CMS protocol documents.
  We lead the dress rehearsal and offer a clear picture of how your organization is likely to perform during a CMS audit. In a mock audit we use the latest CMS protocols and adopt the position of CMS in everything from the sampling to the interviews to give your teams an experience of the real thing.  Armed with the wisdom of experience, your staff can then move quickly into “fix-it” mode before CMS notifies you of an audit.
  All Medicare Advantage and Prescription Drug Plans must ensure that they are audit-ready all the time so that each CMS audit is routine.  Save the fire drills for fires, and receive standing ovations for the organization’s final performance.

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