Online Monitoring Tool

Bringing a new level of transparency to performance monitoring

CMS Audit

In recent years, CMS audit practices have radically changed. Plan performance is now monitored on an ongoing basis to identify operational “outliers,” who are then swiftly and invasively audited.

Compliance Toolkit

The Online Monitoring Tool™ (OMT™) is compliance software designed to help organizations operating in Medicare, Medicaid and the Health Insurance Marketplace track the compliance of their operations. Modules developed specifically for MA and Part D sponsors address distinct operational and compliance needs.


OMT™ provides the ability to track HPMS memos and the implementation of the changes or required new tasks. There is even a module that manages marketing materials, as it tracks internal approvals and has version controls.

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Integration between modules allows for the connection of metrics, documentation and requirements, as well as corrective actions, regulatory notices and audits. Core functionality is enhanced by the addition of GHG-maintained content, including documents, elements and audit tools such as integrated CMS-style worksheets. Track HPMS memos, manage marketing materials and much more. The OMT™ compliance software supports the complete organization by bringing a new level of transparency to performance monitoring, including the required oversight of the delegated entities.