April Chambers

Senior Consultant


April Chambers is a Senior Consultant at Convey Health Solutions (Convey). In this role, she helps clients develop sales distribution strategies; consult on sales operations best practices and retention strategies. April brings Convey clients more than 24 years of healthcare experience as a seasoned Commercial, Medicare, and Medicaid professional.

Her expertise in many operational areas, including claims, provider services, and customer service, brings a unique and invaluable perspective to the sales, marketing, and strategy division of which April is a part.

Since joining Convey, April has assisted health plans with re-engineering process improvement to assure plans are maximizing Annual Election Period (AEP) potential within the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) guidelines. April led the implementation of an outsourced marketing and sales telephonic unit and developed and provided training and ongoing coaching support. She also assisted with sales distribution strategy, AEP oversight, and onboarding newly licenses agents through software implementation. April has the ability to think strategically and help clients build detailed processes, policies, and procedures to assure work is streamlined yet compliant. Clients appreciate April’s strong sales and marketing leadership skills and accountability.

Prior to April’s role at Convey, she held Director positions at large Medicare and Medicaid companies in their Operations areas. April has also held Sales Manager and leadership roles at one of the largest Medicare Advantage (MA) plans in the U.S.