Brett Rudisill

Vice President, Marketing & Sales Operations


Brett Rudisill is Vice President of Marketing and Sales Operations at Gorman Health Group (GHG). In this role, he has strategic and execution responsibility for all marketing initiatives and brand management in addition to overseeing corporate sales processes and reporting. Brett brings GHG a decade of expertise in operations and strategic development, offering a unique perspective having served as an independent consultant and leading various corporate departments during his employment. His focus is connecting the Government Programs audience with the latest insight from GHG’s team of experts while continuing to grow and strengthen the GHG brand. Since taking over the Marketing Department, Brett has led a full rebrand effort, including the website and sales collateral, while also multiplying GHG’s social media following.

Since joining GHG in 2008, Brett has led numerous functions, including Manager of Sales Operations, where he focused on corporate sales, marketing, and product development. Brett’s strategic insight and analysis of the Medicare Advantage market has resulted in successful partnerships with many GHG clientele. Additionally, Brett served as GHG’s Manager of Product Development where he was responsible for identifying and researching new capabilities within GHG to keep pace with the changing landscape of Government Programs and exploring external partnerships to deliver new solutions and services to the industry. Prior to joining GHG’s corporate staff, Brett served as an independent consultant specifically focusing on Medicare enrollment and reconciliation.

Brett has a bachelor’s degree in Marketing from the University of Pittsburgh.