Gary Koehl

Senior Software Engineer


Gary Koehl is a Senior Software Engineer at Convey Health Solutions (Convey). Gary brings Convey clients more than a decade of experience in software development.

Prior to Convey, Gary held the title of Principal Software Engineer at The Nerdery, a nationwide leader in custom software design and development. In this role, he provided technical solutions, expert-level advice, and, at times, onsite consulting to his clients. He mentored a team of more than 10 developers and built much of the framework for The Nerdery’s automation systems being used today.

Gary has successfully launched over 100 projects, which include custom back-end application programming interface (API) systems, content management systems, front-end heavy marketing sites, and mobile applications. He comes to Convey well-versed in multiple disciplines, specializing in back-end architecture and automation. In his most recent consulting experience at Grubhub, he successfully designed an internal API that would be used by 75 percent of the company.

Gary currently resides in Chicago, Illinois. In his spare time, he is developing a video game and is currently most intrigued by NASA’s renewed space interest. You may even occasionally find him out swing dancing.