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Kirk Shanks, MAS

Senior Consultant, Healthcare Analytics & Risk Adjustment

Kirk Shanks is a Senior Consultant at GHG. He has a strong actuarial background with a

passion for risk adjustment. Kirk’s primary expertise resides around data management,

mathematics, and computer programming.


Prior to joining GHG, Kirk held financial Information Technology (IT) positions focused on

understanding risk adjustment calculations, market impacts, and data submissions. He is

well-versed in working with complicated data sets and providing presentations to

executive leadership.


Throughout his career, Kirk was responsible for the development of innovative software

that improved efficiency and accuracy in calculating Medicare receivables, positioning

client companies to save $50,000+ annually; improvement of accuracy and efficiency of

the CMS bidding process by developing an algorithm that provided a simplified overview

of data for use by health plans and actuaries; standardized and automated process for

plan benefit package claims mapping and risk scoring; and creating an algorithm and

comprehensive, multiple-year database that could be easily accessed for the entire



Additionally, Kirk designed, automated, and implemented extraction, transformation, and

loading (ETL) processes for most CMS standard data sets, such as the Monthly

Membership Report, and designed algorithms to process data using business rules in

conjunction with technical definitions. He also assisted health plans with identifying errors

in their risk adjustment processes, worth millions of dollars.


Kirk has a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics from Kennesaw State University and MAS,

Master of Actuarial Science from Georgia State University.