WASHINGTON – March 19, 2015. Gorman Health Group, LLC (GHG), the leading consulting firm and solutions provider in government healthcare programs, announced the launch of its Sales Sentinel™ Commissions Module. This unique commission payments system is designed specifically to take the complexity of regulations surrounding Medicare Advantage and Part D commission payments, and provide a quick and easy solution for organizations to calculate and generate compensation.


The Sales Sentinel™ Commissions Module includes all the requirements set forth by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) for processing commissions and is maintained by GHG on an ongoing basis. CMS requirements include rapid disenrollment, identification of like plan changes, and avoidable vs. unavoidable disenrollment. In addition, as a hosted solution, updates and enhancements are included in the annual licensing fee with no additional upgrade fees – ever.


“One of the biggest challenges expressed by our clients is the data integration required to pay commissions compliantly when information about the agent is in a system separate from the commission payment system,” explained April Fleming, GHG’s Senior Vice President of Products. “Since our Sales Sentinel™ system houses information related to the agent and agent-related enrollments, it was an opportunity for us to expand our ‘one stop’ agent management capabilities to include Commissions.”


Sales Sentinel™ Commissions Module captures key information related to the agent onboarding process, as well as enrollment transactions reported on TRRs to accurately calculate when and to whom commissions are paid. What makes this system unique is that GHG utilizes subject-matter experts to ensure that the methodology related general functionality as well as particular transaction reply codes (TRCs) is kept up to date with CMS guidelines.


“Our industry has complex needs in compensation, performance management, onboarding, and ensuring compliance with state and Federal regulations in every step of the sales process,” explained John Gorman, GHG’s Founder and Executive Chairman. “The Sales Sentinel™ Commissions Module is a powerful, flexible, one-stop software solution that will automate the agent management process from onboarding to oversight and commission payments. It will help audit-proof your sales channels, ensure rock-solid compensation to producers, and a great member experience from initial sale through renewal.”


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Release Date: 03/19/2015