WASHINGTON, DC July 10, 2012 – Gorman Health Group (GHG), the leading solutions provider in Government programs, announces today CMS approval for three additional GHG clients to become Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs) under Medicare’s shared savings program. This brings the company’s total successful ACO awardees to nine.


“We’re proud of our work with these health systems and tremendously heartened by the diversity of the companies who have taken the leap” said Nathan Goldstein, Chief Executive Officer of Gorman Health Group. “Our work with the pioneers showed what the market leaders were capable of. Now, we’re seeing a surge of local, smaller systems take this step forward, as well as non-traditional entities. It’s not just the big, integrated systems. This bodes well for the possibility of fundamental change in the delivery system, which the industry recognizes is at the heart of health reform.”


Now that they’ve received CMS approval, all three clients will continue to partner with GHG as they implement and operationalize ACOs – one each in the southwest, southeast and northeastern United States.


For over 15 years, Gorman Health Group has provided consulting, technology and staffing to health care companies working in Government Programs. Today, over 5 million beneficiaries have their capitation payments adjudicated by GHG’s Valencia; more than 2,200 compliance and operations staff use GHG’s compliance dashboard and management tools, and 30,000 brokers and sales agents are certified and credentialed using Sales Sentinel, GHG’s unique web-based platform. The firm works with over 50 MA and Part D plans each year and an increasing number of provider systems.