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Don’t let your revenue be held hostage

Improve Outcomes

Every health care organization is looking for improved outcomes, better compliance and enhanced process efficiency when it comes to managing membership and premium payments.

Must Have

If you’re in multiple markets, like Medicare Advantage, Medicaid and the Health Insurance Exchanges, then it’s a must-have for survival. The biggest risk health plans face in government programs is managing membership and financial data.

Hosted Solution

GHG staff will work with you during implementation to determine your optimal operational design. And because Valencia is a hosted solution that runs beside your current enterprise system, there is no strain on your IT resources.

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Revolutionize your capitation management


Gorman Health Group created Valencia™ specifically to meet the process needs of organizations working within government-sponsored health programs, including Medicare, Medicaid and the Health Insurance Exchanges. For years our reconciliation teams have worked within client organizations to clean member data and recover revenue. Valencia™ is our solution – it creates the workflows organizations like yours need for critical operational functions. With Valencia™, you’ll always know where your membership and premium-related data is out of sync, thus eliminating missed revenue and inappropriate claims payments. You’ll also have complete control of rigorous, compliant and transparent workflow controls that complement your enterprise system.