Who We Are

We bring together seasoned veterans, former regulators and policy makers to help drive lasting change

Gorman Health Group is the leading solutions and consulting firm for government sponsored health programs. Our experts consist of seasoned veterans who have served at every decision making level of leading health plans, PBMs and state and federal agencies. Collectively our staff members have thousands of years of experience in every functional area of a health plan and their business partners. No other firm can boast of such a complete view of the industry from policy and politics to resolution to efficient and compliant private sector operations.

We are innovators and entrepreneurs in technology and outsource solutions for the industry and we strive to improve the efficiency of enrollment, reconciliation, compliance, sales force management and all facets of medical management. And our engagements are designed to have enduring results.  It is our mission to improve the quality and effectiveness of coordinated care for the nation’s most vulnerable patients.