Carla Leo

Carla Leo

Senior Manager, Product Operations

Carla Leo brings to Gorman Health Group (GHG) and our clients a wealth of Medicare and industry knowledge throughout her more than 10 years of experience in the Medicare space.  

Since joining GHG in 2007, Carla has successfully managed hundreds of enterprise-wide implementations while delivering a vast range of client-specific solutions from GHG’s Medicare Managed Care solutions. In fact, Carla works directly with the Vice President of Products Operations to do just that, and this strategy and team synergy has had a direct impact on helping her clients stay CMS compliant.  

Carla’s unique expertise and experience includes:
•    Consulting
•    Compliant Broker Sales Force Strategies
•    Solution Delivery
•    Sales Agent Training and Credentialing
•    Team Management

Carla and her team's mission is to simply provide world-class service, delight her clients and help them meet their goals, and under her leadership, that mission has been met. Please let her know how she can help you meet your unique goals!