Mary Kaye Thibert

Mary Kaye Thibert

Senior Vice President, Sales and Marketing Strategy

Mary Kaye Thibert brings Gorman Health Group clients almost 20 years of expertise in marketing, sales, and client services. In her eight years at GHG, Mary Kaye has worked with dozens of the nation’s leading health plans to optimize their effectiveness in sales, marketing, product design, and has also served on interim plan executive leadership teams.

Mary Kaye provides strategic planning and consulting services pertaining to marketing and sales plans and benefit designs to ensure compliance with the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) marketing guidelines. Over the last few years, Mary Kaye has focused on marketing and sales strategies and their execution, market research, and product development, while keeping in mind to drive down acquisition costs with increased overall sales.

In addition to her sales and marketing expertise, Mary Kaye has assisted numerous plans to ensure compliance with CMS marketing and agent regulations. She has prepared health plans for CMS audits, developed corrective action responses for CMS, and conducted training for plan staff on Medicare rules and requirements.

Mary Kaye has also presented on behalf of GHG at numerous industry conferences and webinars on topics including marketing strategy, product development, agent compliance, and compliance oversight.

Some of her achievements prior to joining GHG include the establishment and implementation of the overall marketing strategy for a newly launched Medicare product, developing and creating an in-house marketing design team, and designing and implementing an automated sales lead-generating system.