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Medicaid Health Plans

Where collaboration impacts member engagement, revenue accuracy, medical cost containment and health outcomes.

The 2014 expansion of Medicaid under the ACA will cover an additional 8 to 10 million beneficiaries. For the millions of individuals experiencing a shift in coverage between Medicaid and Quality Health Plans (QHPs), continuity of care can help ensure sustained access to providers and ongoing courses of treatment during coverage transitions. Establishing policies of coordinated coverage between Managed Care Organizations (MCOs) for transitioning individuals is crucial in reducing coverage gaps. Medicaid health plans must be able to navigate through State and Federal regulations and work well with State agencies.

GHG solutions-based consulting drives results to your Medicaid health plan.
  • Create a member-centric approach to channel eligible members to existing
  • Through collaborations with state officials, initiate data-driven processes to identify “churn” members, streamlining Medicaid enrollment and renewed coverage
  • Develop an efficient administrative infrastructure that operates in a culture of compliance and leverages technology that eliminates data reporting errors
  • Structure payment and delivery systems to ensure continued coverage, access, and cost containment and improve quality care for members

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